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Unconditional Leadership Program

Train and support you to be leader regardless of how others show up.

  • Starts Oct 5
  • Virtual

Available spots


The Unconditional Leadership Series Promise: 1. Expand your capacity to be with more in your own life. 2. Expand your capacity to be with more in other’s lives. 3. Be a leader regardless of conditions on the ground. In the Unconditional Leadership Series, you’ll have a chance to look at unique perspectives that improve how we lead. There will be some teaching of new concepts, lots of practicing skill sets and techniques, and real-time coaching inside a community of peers. It's easy to be a leader when others show up, do what they say, and behave well with each other. If you're still reading this then you already know how rare this is in real life. Stuff happens. Conflicts pop up. People drop balls. Emotions can get intense. Why don’t we just fix it? It’s simple. We may not know how and we don’t want to make things worse. So we avoid and step over deep seated issues in an effort to just keep things moving. But avoidance come at a cost. We won’t be fully engaged and committed. Which means we’re less efficient and productive. Even if it’s not our mess, we ALL pay the price of tiptoeing around things. In this series, we will introduce ideas that are new to most leaders. Learning innovative stuff is cool, but it isn’t nearly enough. We have to practice. We have to get in those reps. We have to build the “muscles”. Our brains need repetition to learn and change. So, we will build in loads of practices. We’ll do them together and we’ll do them between sessions. We’ll add real-time coaching to further boost our skills and build some wins. And we’ll do all this surrounded by a community of other highly committed leaders who want to get better too. This isn’t one of those courses or workshops where you gain some insights and vow to do things differently only to find yourself going back to your old habits. It is designed specifically to create change by reflecting on the results of your practices, by hearing others reflecting on their results, and by receiving real-time coaching to see the things you simply cannot. In this community, you’ll make quick progress getting the hang of these strategies and building your confidence to use them in your everyday life. When you complete the series, you’ll know precisely how to masterfully lead regardless of how others are showing up.

Upcoming Sessions

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