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Thought-Provoking Keynotes

Are you ready to elevate your next leadership event to new heights? Our impactful keynotes are designed to inspire, motivate, and transform leaders at every level. Event planners and organizational leaders trust us to deliver powerful, engaging, and impactful presentations that resonate long after the event concludes.

Proven Expertise

Allison is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in leadership development. She brings real-world insights, actionable strategies, and compelling stories that captivate and educate.


Tailored to Your Audience

Allison is a dynamic speaker who knows how to engage your audience and create an environment that fosters deep conversations. With her conversational speaking style and coaching mindset, Allison will lead your participants through an immersive experience that will leave them feeling inspired and motivated. Whether you’re looking to improve team dynamics, boost productivity, or develop leadership skills, Allison will work with you to craft the perfect workshop for your team or event.


Engaging and Interactive

Gone are the days of one-way communication. Our keynotes are interactive, encouraging audience participation and fostering a collaborative learning environment. Attendees leave with practical tools and a renewed sense of purpose.


High Impact, Long-Lasting Results

Our presentations are designed to create a lasting impact. We focus on delivering actionable insights that attendees can immediately apply in their professional lives. The result? Enhanced leadership skills, improved team dynamics, and a stronger organizational culture.


“Authentic, funny, and so relatable…Allison truly understands people and how to help leaders learn to see themselves in others to clean up their “people messes” and create truly cohesive teams built on trust. Her correlation of the laws of thermodynamics to leadership is truly genius (trust me it, it correlates), and can help any organization develop the interpersonal skills that are so valuable in helping teams achieve great results!”

John Frakes, Management Analyst


Ignition: The Art of Unlocking Potential

Utilizing the laws of physics and applying them to human interactions, Allison approaches leadership development from a unique and well-suited perspective. During this interactive presentation, participants will learn:

  • How we must give AND receive for a connection to take place.

  • The leader is the role model and everyone is watching.

  • The snowball effect of avoiding issues.

  • That leadership is a choice to expand and grow, not contract and stay comfortable.


Sticky Situation Strategies: Tools for Navigating Difficult Conversations

This workshop is ideal for leaders at all levels who are looking to enhance their conflict resolution skills and create a more positive, communicative, and productive work environment. Whether you are a seasoned executive or an emerging leader, this workshop offers valuable insights and practical techniques that can be immediately applied in your professional life. Participants will gain confidence in:

  • Focusing on what really matters so they can put the relationship before the task.

  • Building rapid connection and trust to address issues swiftly.

  • Preparing yourself and your team for meaningful dialogue.

  • Generating open minds and reducing resistance.


"It was a dream working with you from start to finish and I look forward to an opportunity to work together again sometime in the future. I hear so many wonderful comments from the many in attendance today for your keynote. It was thought-provoking, insightful, and forced inward reflection, which we could all do a little more of. Thank you for leaving such a positive imprint on all who attended today.”

Heidi Smith, VP Leadership & Professional Development Program Manager


Messy But Meaningful: Creating Collaboration for Complex Times

This engaging workshop will equip leaders with strategies to foster greater collaboration among their team members. Key competencies participants will develop include:

  • Identify and prioritize the key elements that inspire people and enhance our executive influence.

  • Understand the critical role leaders play in setting the tone for the team and leading by example.

  • Learn techniques to foster open, honest, and productive communication.

  • Embrace personal accountability and encourage the same in your team.

Work Life Balance: An Inside Out Approach

Many times, we find ourselves looking outward at the forces that are exerted upon us, like demanding bosses, needy customers, or quarterly growth targets. In this keynote presentation, we will put ourselves back into empowerment by exploring inward. What has us taking on more? Why do we answer emails after 5pm? What badge of honor am I seeking by sharing with others the excessive hours I put in each week? 

Participants will:

  • Increase their self-awareness of how they manage their own energy levels.

  • Discover the role they are playing in their work-life experience.

  • Shift into an empowering perspective around work-life balance.


"Our group really enjoyed you and your style of presenting!  Thanks again for sharing your expertise with us!"

Jeff Butz, Executive Director


Empowering Choice: Choosing Beyond Our Default Context

This workshop is specifically designed for leaders and coaches who want to master the art of coaching. Participants will discover a framework to practice unraveling and exploring all the parts that feed into our contexts. By developing our ability to see how we unconsciously get stuck in patterns, we can determine if they align with our aspirations. By building our ability to examine our thinking, we become empowered to choose beyond our default trajectory.   Participants will discover:

  • Insights into how our context may unintentionally confine us to familiar patterns.

  • A hands-on practice of unveiling our own context within a real-life challenge.

  • A strategic approach to liberate ourselves from contexts that no longer serve our leadership goals.


“Knows the subject well, involves the people well.”

“Was very engaging with the group.”

“Kept the group engaged with the topic of discussion.”

“Allison is an excellent speaker, very exciting, engaging.”

“She challenged the audience to get out of comfort to address conflict.”

“Very engaging, encouraged participation without pushing too hard, concept was easy to take in.”

“She was very easy to listen to. Very relatable."

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