Green Forest

Passionate About Inspiring Others

My purpose in life is to create the conditions where understanding can thrive. When I can connect with someone, have them feel seen and heard, and illuminate a possibility they might not have considered before, it is magical. Even the slightest shift in perception can change a person's world. Being a conduit to and a witness of this shift is where I find energy, fulfillment, and peace. 

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I have been married for 23 years and have two wonderful kids. In addition, I have served on several Boards of Directors, including being elected to the Oshkosh School Board for 10 years, and have served as its Treasurer, Vice President, and President. In October 2019, I was fortunate enough to be a selected speaker for TedX Oshkosh, where I spoke about not hiding our life’s messes from each other. In addition, I am the author of two published books. The first is “Think Possible: The Light and Dark Side of Never Running Out of Ideas”. This is a book for leaders who think BIG and never run out of ideas, and it explores the seven attributes that make visionary leaders unstoppable. The second is “Unconditional: Learning to Navigate and Reframe Mental Illness - Together” which is for anyone who suffers from mental illness or loves someone who does.

If you have been reading through my site and have noticed that you are excited about what you are seeing, I invite you to discover what could be possible for you!



  • B.S. - Chemical Engineering

  • M.B.A 

  • PCC - Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

  • Published Author 

  • TedX Speaker


  • Former Vice President of an engineering consulting firm

  • One of the world's experts in aromatics extraction technology

  • 10yr elected school board member 

    • Served as 

      • President

      • Vice President

      • Treasurer 

  • Mother of teens, both with significant mental health issues